Client Comments
Feedback from our clients.

Muhammet H. I.

Language and Speech Development

Other | Age: 14

He has started to express himself better. I have noticed major improvements in his speech. His self-confidence has increased. He has started to use new and a wider range of words compared with his peers. His attention span is longer now. He is doing his mathematics faster now and his understanding o...

Kemal D.

Language and Speech Development

Other | Age: 17

He has great progress in phonation. His self confidence increased. (ex: he says welcome to our guests at home) He is more successfull in expressing himself. His self conscious has really decreased and now he is in the pursuit of dialogue. He was very emotional kid but after the program he started to...

Efe Ç. D.

Language and Speech Development

Other | Age: 13

His self-confidence has improved and his language, speech and learning are much better. He now questions and expresses himself better. Our son and we are in a much better situation now. For the first time in my life, I have absolutely no regrets about such a programme. Thank you for opening this Cen...

Yiğit Y.

Language and Speech Development

Other | Age: 18

My son had speech problem and stuttering. We have seen improvement in our son speech and ı know he will be more better in the process of time.I really thank you so much for your staff. Because we have got no idea about the application, we will be so grateful if you give more information. Thank you.